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SoCal Writer & Illustrator Collaboration Page

Welcome to the SoCal Writer & Illustrator Collaboration page!

The SCBWI members listed here have expressed an interest in working as a team with other SCBWI creatives.

Every SoCal SCBWI member has been notified of the purpose of this page. If a member is not listed on this page, please respect their choice to not work on other’s projects and do not approach them requesting they work on your self-publishing project.

We recommend that any business arrangement be initiated with a written contract spelling out responsibilities and ownership of the created works.

Please research 1st publication rights, co-authorship, and Work-For-Hire. Understand that in a professional publishing setting, the author and illustrator are considered co-owners of the work. Writers and illustrators are considered co-authors and share the royalties and ownership of the characters, story, and world created. Work-For-Hire grants the purchaser ownership of the created materials but is significantly more expensive.

Here is the Google Doc where you can input your information or find authors and illustrators that are also interested in self-publishing: