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Bio for Kaitlyn Sanchez, Agent, Bradford Literary Agency

Date(s) - 05/07/2023
12:00 am

Kaitlyn Sanchez is a mom, wife, agent with Bradford Literary Agency, and middle school math teacher. She’s also the proud co-creator and co-host of the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest and Kidlit Zombie Week as well as creator and co-host of the Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy Contest. In her free time, she loves to play soccer, binge-watch TV shows, and, of course, read. Especially when she’s all cozied up with her husband and daughter reading together.

When it comes to stories she’s looking for, she’s incredibly eclectic and pretty dichotomous. On one side, she really connects with emotional writing and, on the other, very funny stories. But both, both is THE BEST! (Creators who can do this are magicians, in my eyes!) In all categories, She’s always looking for diversity all in forms, including but not limited to BIPOC, neurodiversity, and LGBTQ+.

 For middle-grade and young adult stories (including author-illustrated graphic novels), she leans toward fiction. She loves coming-of-ages stories, friendship stories, adventurous fast-paced stories, mysteries, intergenerational stories, empowering stories, stories with a bit of magic (high fantasy isn’t generally my thing, but I always enjoy a little magic), and quirky stories. She loves learning new things in non-didactic ways. For humor, she runs the gamut: from well placed puns to slapstick to high brow humor. She’d also be super interested to see some scary stories that aren’t gruesome. Note: she generally leans PG and PG-13, though some intensity here and there is fine.


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