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Learn how to build your website and blog like a pro—even though you are not!


DATE: February 22, 2017  Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Location: dA Center For The Arts, 252 S. Main St., Pomona, Ca 91766

EVERYONE knows you need a website if you own a business but building a website, or even keeping a Blog is a daunting task.

This mini seminar is designed to help the novice, the savvy business person, moms, professionals, writers, artists, educators, and anyone else who wants/needs a website or blog but is concerned about maintaining it and saving costs.

John Dadlez, internet genius, will teach you the principles of web design and help you establish whether or not you need a blog or website. He will use WordPress as the format for his talk and guide you through the aspects you need to know when creating your website without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars…. and, you will receive the tools you need to update regularly—with ease! He will also help you build and establish your all-important Internet presence by explaining how the Internet works in a way that you will understand.  You will come away with knowledge on how to make you own blogs and/or websites and feel comfortable maintaining them without paying exorbitant fees.

$25  2 hour session (SCBWI Members) 

$38  2 hour session (Non-Members)

 This seminar is what YOU need to move your business further with as little pain possible…you are now, literally, the ‘Master of your DOMAIN”